Tooth Whitening– We offer “whitening for life” to our patients of record. For $99 we make a custom fit tray and give our patients whitening gel. As they return for their periodic dental health exam and cleanings gel is given. Whitening when completed should last up to two years.

Oral Surgery– Including tooth removal and full mouth tooth removal. We do most surgical procedures including wisdom tooth removal. Happy gas available but referrals are given for deeper sedation. We receive many referrals from other dentists that do not remove teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry– From tooth colored fillings to veneers we do it all.

Invisible Braces– Invisalign – no restriction on what you can eat. You easily brush and floss without all the “hardware” which means you are less likely to get cavities. Can be simply removed for photos. We all know straight teeth are esthetically pleasing, but did you know that straight teeth are less likely to get cavities and periodontal disease!

Fillings– From simple fillings to complex crown build ups and everything in between.

Children– We love to see children and are very familiar with their individual needs. The proper care of the primary teeth and guidance/development of the adult teeth can prevent many tooth problems.

Crowns– Most people know that crowns (or caps) make your teeth stronger but they also make your teeth less likely to get cavities.

Bridges– Great choice for tooth replacement. Less expensive than implants and does not have to be removed for cleaning.

Implants– We restore implants and refer for surgical replacement.

Partials/Dentures– Least expensive tooth replacement option.

Complete Dentures– The patient knows exactly how the teeth will look before final processing. We can guarantee at the time of completion that they will fit as tight as humanly possible.

More Reasons to be our patient:

Infant Oral Health– No fees to see infants in their first year of life, when their parents are patients of record.

No fee consultations– Come meet the doctor and staff and have all your dental health related questions answered. Tap into Dr. Pollards 38 years of experience in the dental profession. No Fear! No obligation!

Second opinions: We encourage them to our patients. Again, no obligation!

Oral Cancer Screening– as a public service. If you have a question about some changes in the soft tissue in or surrounding your mouth. We do biopsies, make referrals.

Orthodontic Evaluations– We do invisible braces (see Invisalign under services). Many times crooked teeth can be prevented or their effects lessened. Treatment times can be greatly reduced! We practice these “interceptive orthodontic techniques.” Not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign, therefore we do orthodontic referrals for those patients.

Esthetic evaluation– What can I do to improve my smile?

Tooth shaping, “enamelplsty”- No fee is charged for patients of record. Can be an amazing service to improve smile with no pain and minimal invasiveness.

Denture Adjustments– No fee denture adjustments for the first 6 months